It is possible to make your income doing what you love. This eBook is based on the experience of people who are making their living by doing what they love. These people are bloggers but there are broader lessons here too, if you want to do something different to blogging. You can download it by clicking on this link.

Is this you?

You have read many blogs thinking, “I could be a successful blogger!”

Yet with the thousands of articles and millions of bloggers it seems insurmountable to figure out how you could become a successful blogger. You might have downloaded free eBooks hoping for words of wisdom, but like me you got stuck with all that information.

Figuring out how to be a successful blogger can be just like building a house with too many contractors. You have all the materials, but everyone wants to do it differently and you’re left with too many ideas and not enough clarity on how to get the job done.

So what could really help you is the wisdom of those who have done it.

Not Another Book of Interviews.

There are many eBooks that are collections of interviews with different people. But this type of eBook (and there are quite a few around) leaves me with too much advice (which sometimes conflicts) and not knowing which advice to follow.

I needed a different kind of eBook to just a collection of interviews.

What This EBook Is

This eBook is different firstly because of the way the interviews were done. I did not start with a set of questions but asked people about their experience and developed the conversation from there. This approach was messier than asking everyone the same thing, but had the advantage of not deciding in advance what I would find out. It was more open to the different experiences that the bloggers went through.

This eBook is different too because of the way the interviews are treated. It doesn’t just record the different interviews; it distils the essence of these bloggers’ experiences. It picks out common themes from the experiences of this very diverse group of bloggers. You will see, from the Contents page which I give below, what the themes are and that each one is followed by a section, called “To Consider”, encouraging you to consider how the successful bloggers’ experiences apply to you.

What does success mean?

Success for me means making your income doing what you love. Even if this is not your definition of success there might be things for you to learn from the bloggers who feature in this eBook.

What this eBook doesn’t do.

This eBook doesn’t offer a formula for how to have a successful blog or making your income doing what you love. You will see why when you read it – all these bloggers came to blogging in their own way, and do things in their own way. What this eBook does offer is a wealth of experience to learn from.

Who is interviewed?

Carol King

Carol King, after a fulfilling career as a chef wanted to put together her two great passions – writing and computers. While she was doing this she came across The Secret and immediately changed the focus of her blogging to creating the life you want to live. Her blog is Positive Thinking 4 Life and she also has coaching sessions tailored individually to her clients.

Corey Freeman

Corey is a 17-year-old freelance entrepreneur who started working online when she was 12. Corey started her own web design business at age 15. Her dream is to own her own publishing company that creates websites and products focused on teaching others.

She currently runs the blog Headway Hacks and plans to re-launch her blog Writer Seven in 2010. Corey has a personal blog,, where you can read all about her journey as a young entrepreneur.

Zubin Kutar

Zubin lives in Canada. On his blog, webtrafficroi, he shares what he has personally learned and experienced; to make the internet work for him. His blog is dedicated to helping bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and companies make their businesses better. From his blog you can also download Zubin’s free report, The 10 Point Site Optimization Checklist.

Chris Garrett

Chris, along with Darren Rowse, wrote, Problogger: secrets for blogging your way to a six-figure income, one of the definitive guides to blogging. Chris has several blogs on niche topics, as well as one,, where he shares his wisdom on blogging and new media. He also has a forum,, about his own approach to blogging called Authority Blogging – developing a position of authority on your chosen topic.

Robb Sutton

After a very successful business career with major companies Robb left the corporate world to start a blog. In the first year he received over $70, 000 worth of product to review. Robb’s blog is – where he tells you how to make firing your boss a reality. He has a free 7 week course on how to have a successful blog, Ramped Blogging, and free downloads where he shares the story of his success, Ramped Blogging and Ramped Mindset. You can hire Robb as a consultant to get personal guidance on how to make firing your boss a reality for you too.

Mark Silver

Mark has an unapologetically spiritual approach to his business – called Heart of Business. He has an eBook, called Heart of Business, which guides you through the whole process of developing a business that is an expression of spirit. Mark’s message is that: You can make a profit while making a difference. Mark has a wide variety of courses and products, and many free resources too, available from

What’s in the eBook?



Those Interviewed

SECTION ONE: Different Ways To Get There

Different Focuses, Different Challenges

Focus And Opportunity

To Consider: Finding Your Focus

SECTION TWO: Directions And Goals


To Consider: Making The Focus Real, Dealing With The Details

SECTION THREE: Passion And The Audience


To Consider: You And Your Audience

SECTION FOUR: Entrepreneurship: Freedom, Money And Risk


To Consider: Is This Lifestyle For You?

SECTION FIVE: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned

Final Observations

Over To You

I Would Like To Hear From You

What does it cost?

It’s FREE!

You can download it here by clicking on this link. Any and all comments and feedback are most welcome. I hope to hear from you soon.

Next steps

If people like this one, I will keep writing more eBooks just like it. Eventually I hope to have interviewed 100 bloggers and distilled their experiences. I think this will be a hugely valuable resource for all of us who want to be successful bloggers.

Special Thanks

To: Jason, Deborah and Judy; fellow-members of The Oasis membership forum of Heart of Business. All made excellent suggestions to improve this page. And to Carmen Burnet for editing. Many thanks to them all.